Gann Professionals Return With Amazing Experiences in Israel

As the Gann Professionals trip to Israel ends, we wanted to highlight a few memories. Take a look at the photos below and some quotes from their experiences. 

"Our arrival in Jerusalem began with a stop at Mount Scopus with a picturesque view of the city and its diversity of sacred sites.  Over Shabbat, my colleagues took full advantage of the day whether at area synagogues, key Christian sites, or the beauty of Jerusalem’s parks and streets.  We enjoyed the vitality of the Shuk pre and post Shabbat, both of which offered a sense of the pulse of the city ."

"As I sit here in Ben Gurion Airport, it is hard to believe that in the past 72 hours we have been on the beach of Haifa, working the land of Israel in the center of the country, on the Lebanon border, a kibbutz in the Galilee, the holy mystical synagogues of Tzfat, meeting with an Ethiopian Orthodox rabbi in Kiryat Gat, climbing Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, and overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem!"

"This morning our group visited the Shrine of the Baha’ullah and the Gardens at Baha’i, it was beautiful and very peaceful. Next we traveled to Galilee to visit with HaShomer HaChadash – we met with them at an olive grove and learned more about the youth and young adult programs they offer. The highlight for me was working in the grove and then having lunch underneath the olive trees."

"Our next stop was LOTEM’s ecological farm in Emek HaShalom. LOTEM is a nonprofit organization that offers educational nature activities to children and adults with special needs. I loved this place and the work they’re doing – it was very inspiring."

Gann Professionals Learn in Israel

24 Gann Professionals embarked on the first ever staff faculty mission to Israel. This is an incredible opportunity, not only for those going, but for our whole community. They are truly exploring new places, building new connections, and strengthening existing ones between Gann students, staff, faculty, and Israel. This is the first trip of its kind and we sincerely appreciate the investment that the Gann community has made in us. They are sharing their experiences and travels along the way. Please check out the Gann Israel Blog to see photos and read about our daily adventures!

Here are some highlight from their first few days in Israel.

First Night In Israel

"We had a great first full day in Israel! It was Shabbat so we took it easy-ish... many of us went to the beach in the morning to swim or walk, and over the course of the day we heard from some speakers, had time to pray (Jewish, Catholic, and opt-out options), "process," and eat (and eat and eat.). Some people visited with family members, most of us did Havdallah on the beach, and we all learned about the education systems in Israel. There was a chance to take a local tour, dine in the Boardwalk by the Mediterranean, and eat ice cream in the hot sun.  We should all sleep well tonight..."

Save A Child's Heart

"Wonderful visit Sunday with Save a Child's Heart, a program that brings children who need heart surgery from around the world to Wolfson Hospital in Israel for surgery. Met children and mothers from several places in Africa.  Was delighted to find a young girl from Ethiopia who played with small game pieces with me. It was clear we could not converse in English, so imagine my surprise when she helped me count them all the way to twenty in English.  Clearly a future mathematician."

Check out more highlights from the trip by visiting the Gann Israel Blog.

Gann Academy Awarded $1.5 Million Jim Joseph Foundation Grant

Innovative Program to Focus on Developing Young Leaders For Careers in Jewish Education

Gann Academy announced today that it has been granted up to $1,500,000 from the Jim Joseph Foundation to pilot an Early Career Fellowship Program focused on developing and positioning young leaders for careers in Jewish education.  The grant is the latest example of the innovative high school’s expanding leadership role in strengthening the Jewish community both in the greater Boston area and nationally.

The multi-year matching grant funds Gann hiring a national manager to form and oversee this first-of-its kind program and the recruiting of six national Fellows—new college graduates—at three different Jewish high schools:  Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts; Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York, New York; and de Toledo High School in Los Angeles, California.  The three schools represent the leading edge of Jewish secondary education and share a commitment to training the next generation of educational leadership.  

As Rabbi Marc Baker, head of Gann Academy, notes, “The Jim Joseph Foundation grant is another example of the depth and breadth of our mission and impact.  We are here to prepare our students for today’s world and to ensure that we are building a solid foundation for the next generation.  Teaching the teachers is a critical component of that foundation.”

Led by Gann, the three pilot schools will become an on-ramp for new talent, benefiting directly from the contributions of the fellows while learning what it takes to recruit, inspire and connect young professionals to a meaningful career.

In addition to the recruiting and assignment of the six Fellows, the matching grant enables the development of a robust curriculum for the Fellows, the annual convening of the Fellows to compare experiences and share learning, and the creation of formative and summative evaluations.

“With its record of educational success, Gann Academy is a natural partner for this innovative new program,” adds Chip Edelsberg, executive director of the Jim Joseph Foundation. “There is an urgent need to develop talented young leaders have the skills and support necessary to deliver excellent Jewish education in a variety of settings. As the Fellowship evolves we look forward to sharing learnings and key lessons to help all who care about the future of Jewish life and learning.”

While the essence of the Fellows’ professional development will be their full-time work over two years as part of the schools’ Jewish and Student Life teams, they will also seek to engage with other constituents in their local communities. Those activities will include but not be limited to working with regional directors of teen youth organizations, adult education, and doing student recruitment work with local synagogues and day schools or other synergies, as determined by the Fellow and the school.

The grant also will support an outside evaluator to provide deep understanding of the program’s impact on the Fellows and their school communities with an eye towards the scalability of the program and its real capacity to increase the pipeline of engaged, passionate and prepared Jewish educational leaders for the future. 

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Fall 2016 Incoming Freshman Class is Full!

The Fall 2016 incoming Freshman class has both exceeded our Enrollment goal and represents a wonderfully diverse and talented group of rising 9th graders. Students are from 23 middle schools, 28 towns and 17 different public and secular middle schools. What they have in common is an excitement about joining the Gann community.  Because the school continues to get interest from other families we have established a wait-list for qualified students.  All wait-list candidates will be evaluated and should space be available, selected students will be notified by August 8th.